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  • All jewelry can be cleaned with a polishing cloth and afterwards gently brushed (soft bristle) with warm water and gentle soap. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Toothpaste can be a quick easy at home remedy for tarnished metal pieces only - not recommended on stones.
  • Turquoise, White buffalo and Variscite are more porous stones and can absorb water, which can possibly change the colour of the stone. Use caution around water if you want to preserve the original colour of the stone.
  • Ideal storage for jewelry, is storing in the original box it came in, making sure the anti tarnish tab (black square tab under the cotton insert) is in the box. Or an anti tarnish pouch is a good alternative and great for travel. 
  • Avoid chemicals around jewelry as this can alter the metals (cleaning supplies, perfumes, body lotions etc..), as this can potentially alter the appearance of the metal.
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