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Soulful silversmith and intrepid craftswoman Sheryl is well known for burning the midnight oil. With her gritty work ethic and overwhelming abundance of inspiration she conjures contemporary designs from her home-based studio on Vancouver Island. Often working into the night bending silver and stone to her will, guided by a whisper from within she finds solace in her craft. Sheryl found her niche in the jewelry trade as both a necessary creative outlet and a realization of the increasing public demand for intelligently priced, hand made quality goods. “I was led to jewelry design feeling like there was never any out there that was reasonably priced that fit my aesthetic taste.” For her, staying inspired is not a choice. “I just am all the time… sometimes it’s overwhelming because I want to make everything. But nature always grounds me. Music and fashion help too.” Honouring her partial Cree background, Sheryl is drawn to Native American historical references to guide her creative process. She strongly identifies with visceral, rugged beauty in whatever form it takes. One can see those cues realized in her work. “I just love working with fire and metal… that it makes my hands dirty… transforming into something beautiful.”

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